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Goal Setting: How to set and achieve your career goals, no matter where you're starting from
Sales Strategies: Strategies for increasing your sales revenue and growing your client base
Navigating Workplace Bias: Strategies to deal with gender bias and discrimination in the workplace.
Communication Tips: How to master the art of effective communication, from pitching to closing the deal
Sales Metrics: Best practices for tracking your sales metrics and measuring your success
Tech for Sales: Leveraging technology & CRMs for sales success
Sales Playbook: Sales playbook and scripts, with templates and dialogues you can use to close deals in any industry
Role-playing Exercises: Role-playing exercises that allow you to practice and refine your sales skills in a safe, supportive environment
Coaching Sessions: Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with Hetal, including role-play or to clear any doubts
Sales Guide: Session materials including an eBook.
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About me
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About me
Hetal Desai

I'm Hetal Desai, a Sales Coach with 16 years of experience. I have generated millions of rupees in revenue through strategic account management and effective sales strategies.

I am passionate about helping women overcome personal and professional challenges to achieve their career goals and earn a good salary.

Growing up with a single parent, I faced self-doubt, emotional challenges, and gender stereotypes that affected my personal and professional life. In my career, I faced gender bias, lacked support and mentoring, and had limited access to leadership roles. These challenges inspired me to create a supportive environment for women to achieve their career goals and earn a good salary.

Our program, "Highly Paid Sales Specialists," reflects my passion and commitment to helping women. We provide women with the tools, techniques, and knowledge to overcome challenges and achieve their career goals. Our community of passionate women will support and encourage you to create a better future for yourself and your family.

If you're looking for a results-driven sales professional who can help you achieve unprecedented growth, I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you and explore how I can contribute to your success.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

Only for women who want to build a career in sales & business development.

Are the weekly tutorials live or recorded classes

The tutorials are recorded, you can comment to ask any question. We also have live discussions every week.

Is there a start or a finish date to this program

Not really, Building a career in sales involves learning many skills. It isn't just about selling a product, but learning to sell yourself so you get better outcomes

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 3-week, no questions asked money-back guarantee on your first membership payment

Can I cancel my membership anytime

Yes, you can click on the left sidebar and cancel your membership anytime. You will never be charged again

What if I have no prior experience in sales?

No prior experience is necessary! Our program is designed to provide step-by-step guidance for anyone interested in learning about sales and building a successful career in this field.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

Each week, we'll provide you with one task that can be completed in just a few hours over the weekend. This program is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

What if I'm not fluent in English or Hindi?

Basic communication skills in English or Hindi are all you need to participate in this program.

What kind of support will I receive in this program?

You'll receive ongoing mentorship and support from experienced sales professionals, as well as access to a supportive community of like-minded women.